The top stories from 2017

Bartons back up for 2nd consecutive title as legacy lives on - Mon 4th Sept, 2017

Barton Partnership, “Dunreath” Garoo have taken out the Jason Goodwin Memorial Shield for the second year running. The Barton’s lambs (pictured 2nd from top) won the medium trade weight (45-49.5kg) category before being announced as the Grand Champion Pen ahead of G&J Rogers, “Colly Plains North”, Quirindi who won for their light trade(40-44.5kg) lambs (pictured 3rd from top) and the Aitken family, “Nekia Downs” Duri who won the export (50+kg) category. The shield was presented to the Clive Barton by Jason Goodwin’s daughter, Millie as wife, Petah and children, Alex and Lewis, watched on.

Simon Burke described Jason as “a great bloke and young agent, bought down in his prime at the age of 36” adding that it was great to see his family on hand to present the shield named in his honour.

Buyers from major sheep processors cast their eye over the 1500 lambs with judges’ representative, Fletcher International buyer, Brian Wellings, full of praise.

“It was a lovely line-up of lambs. The lightweight pens were a little disappointing and showing a bit of dryness but the medium weight and heavy classes were very good.  The champion pen obviously came from the medium weight category. There was only a struck match between the medium and export class but the trade class got the nod as overall champion.” 

“If you want to see proper trade lambs, beautifully presented in a live weight class - even though they still have to hang up on the rail - then the winners are an outstanding example. The crutch is perfect and it’s a lovely finish - everything about them is really well presented and the owner has gone to a lot of trouble to win this,” he said.

The champion pen was knocked down to Fletcher International by Ian Morgan Livestock for $300 for the top 10 lambs and $250 for another 10 with Barton Partnership donating $5500 to a the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service. It comes on the back of their $8000 donation to the chopper last year and will be tallied up with other donations made throughout the sale with the helicopter expected to receive around $6000.  The lightweight category lambs made $137 and the export category made $178.

The event was sponsored by: North West Direct Sales, Terry and Robyn Goodwin , WSD Enterprises, Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association (TLSAA), Tamworth Regional Livestock Exchange (TRLX) and the Douglas family from Abalene Park Poll Dorset stud, Woolomin.

Winner declares “ladies day” as heifers extend lead for Woolbrook family - Friday 11th April

Woolbrook grazier, Tony Haling, “Hillside Park” coined the 2017 Virbac Weaner Challenge and Feature Sale ‘Ladies Day” after his family’s heifers stole the title for champion pen of weaners, beating one of the best line-ups of weaners ever seen at TRLX and surprising everyone in winning a title usually awarded to steers. 

It was a remarkable result for Tony and Tania Haling, who make it four years in a row for the prestigious title. In awarding the title, judge Jeremy Cummins, Teys Australia said that the Angus heifers were “a pen like no other, were exceptionally well bred and have a big future in the paddock.”  The Angus heifers were by Texas Angus and Pine Creek Angus sires out of big framed Riverina bred cows. They were sold by the Haling’s long time agent, Ian Morgan Livestock, for $1440 for what is believed to be a record price for weaner heifers in Tamworth. They were bought by Sam Payne, Pitt Sons, Walcha on behalf of Joe and Sue Guerrini, Woolbrook which means they’ll be making their way back to the tablelands. 

Tony Haling was over the moon with prices at the blue ribbon sale, saying that last year his steers topped at $1100, compared to $1300 this year, and his heifers topped at “around $900” compared to $1440 this year.

While the heifers were a unanimous choice for the top prize, Jeremey Cummins said that he “couldn’t split the steers” with two vendors tying for the best pen.  “Warongah” Manilla shared the title for their Charolais x Angus steers with Paul Vary, Barraba for his Hereford steers. The Warongah steers made $1360 and the Vary steers made $1290.

TLSAA Patrick Purtle says the line-up of almost 4200 cattle was a credit to the vendors and one of the biggest sales ever at the multi-million dollar state of the art selling facility that last year ranked number 4 in NSW. The sale grossed almost $4.6 million and averaged $1129 with vendors drawn from across the tablelands, slopes and plains.

Manilla agent "top dog" for 2017

Manilla agent, Patrick Purtle (pictured with business partner Samuel Plevey) will lead the Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association (TLSAA) for 2017.  Joint Principal of Purtle Plevey Agencies (PPA), Patrick has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry and is recognized as one of the best auctioneers in the region, having developed his reputation since winning the title of Australia's best young auctioneer early in his career in 1996. 

As President, Patrick will ensure that all 10 agencies operating out of Tamworth Regional Livestock Exchange (TRLX) work together to make it the best-selling facility in north western NSW and New England. At the end of the day, that translates into getting the best price possible. He’ll also be the face of the association and will be "front and centre" to ensure that people get the latest information about the state of the facility and the best market intelligence.

Collarenabri born and bred Mr. Purtle is a firm supporter of the multi-million dollar Tamworth selling facility and confident that it will continue to go from strength to strength, riding on the wave of confidence that has swept the beef industry for the last 12 months or more.

 “Over 100 operators are represented at Tamworth every week and that’s why TRLX will always be a strong centre.  Our clients range from large scale producers to smaller operators - his diversity of clients underwrites every agent’s business.  The number of people in play, both buying and selling each week, is our strength and will be for years to come,” he said.

“These are exciting times for producers and agents and I’m looking forward to a successful year for all” he said.

When he’s not on the catwalk or in the paddock, Patrick devotes his time to his family and is a strong advocate for his local community.