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2018 in review

Mon 10th Dec| Heifer market strong in lead up to Christmas

The steer market was tough today with a few good pens of heavy bullocks making good money, but the heifer market was very strong. The MLA quoted prices 2- 11 c/kg dearer for both feeder and re-stocker cattle from the lightweight right through to grown heifers.  There are also some positive signs at the old saleyards with more than two thousand bales of hay waiting to be delivered to farmers this week as part of the Buy a Bale program.

Mon 3rd Dec| Quality and demand impacts on price across most categories

After a few decent weeks, a drop in quality, supply and demand saw most categories cheaper today for all but the feeder heifers and well finished grown heifers where prices were largely unchanged from last week. It comes as we start winding down for 2018 with agents saying that the market has still held up reasonably well given everything the season has thrown at us.

Mon 26th Nov| Grain plus rain sees market up and best vealer steers make over $1000

Some good quality grain fed cattle on offer today with the market spurred on by recent rain and reported as dearer for the better quality. The best gains reported by the MLA were 20c/kg for the medium weight cows and up to 18c/kg dearer for the light cows. 

 Mon 19th Nov| Best demand and market for feeder steers

Steers to feed showed the best gains today in a market where most categories were cheaper, as re-stockers held back despite hopes for forecast rain this week. We didn’t see the numbers of heavy steers and cows like last week but there were some good quality yearling steers and the MLA quoted the best of the cows as “firm to a shade dearer”.

Mon 12th Nov | Last hurrah for Nowendoc producer in strong market

A good run of 75 heavy steers sold by CP contributed to an increased supply in that category in a market described by the MLA as “firm to slightly dearer”. Selling agent, Chris Paterson, says it was the ‘last hurrah” for Peter Pickles “Two Mile” Nowendoc with the property sold and the best of his predominantly Angus x steers making just under $1800.  On a day where prices were up, they were beaten for top price by a single steer sold by PPA that made $1935 and outstanding Hereford steers sold by LMK that made over $1900.  The market was also strong for medium weight yearling heifers and well finished grown heifers.

Mon 29th Oct|Market and numbers respond following big gains last week

Price is always driven by supply and demand and, after the red-hot market last week, supply was almost double and the market lost ground with most categories reported as cheaper for all but the plainest cows. It comes as numbers also build for our fortnightly store sale this Friday with up to 1500 cattle expected, the biggest numbers we’ve seen for the last few months.

Mon 22nd Oct| More rain sees big gains – “as much as 100c/kg in places”

Big gains in the market following more rainfall with the cow market up 21c/kg within the first two minutes of selling in Tamworth today. It only went up from there, with the MLA reporting a trend for lightweight steers that was “20c- 50c/kg dearer and more in places, as much as 100c/kg in some cases.” Agents say that the gains accounted for a 30% increase in $/head value in some cases. The bar was set at 368c/kg for lightweight yearling steers, with heifers up to 25c/kg dearer and medium weight cows 20-40c/kg dearer. It reflects a quite confidence that the season will continue to improve.

Mon 15th Oct| Market spurred on by recent rain with most categories dearer

Numbers continued to drop following recent rain with the bulk of the yarding made up of lightweight yearlings and cows.  Processor, re-stocker and feedlot competition all contributed to a mainly dearer market in most categories from the plainer cattle right through to the limited numbers of well finished heifers and cows.

Monday 8th October|Market firm after two week break

Numbers were down in Tamworth today despite a two week break due to the long weekend with only limited rainfall in the meantime. Most categories were firm to dearer apart from medium and heavy weight feeder steers that were quoted by the MLA as cheaper. “Improved restocker confidence” contributed to the gains for lightweight heifers.

Mon 24th Sept|Strong demand and competition for feeder steers has positive impact

Numbers in Tamworth today consisted of roughly half yearling cattle with the balance made up of cows and weaners with very few finished cattle on offer.  The MLA quoted strong competition and prices 13c/kg – 20c/kg dearer for feeder steers and a firm to slightly dearer market for heifers. The cow market was slightly up on last week and a feature line of 8 to 12-month-old Angus steers presenting in store condition, and ideal to grown out to feeder weights, sold by ELD made 310c/kg with the vendor only selling because he’s out of water.

Mon 3rd Sept| Feeder cattle fare well

Some good quality lines on offer today for our first sale for Spring with feeder steers “averaging 15 to 17c/kg dearer” with feeder heifers also gaining some ground.  Limited re-stocker activity resulted in a firm market at best for those cattle. The market for plain cows also continued to improve.

Mon 27th August|Numbers and market respond to weekend rain

The BOM predicted weekend rain and, generally, delivered. While some fared better than others it’s great news for those that managed to receive good falls. Not surprisingly, numbers fell drastically on the back of the rain with the MLA best summing up the situation as “a show of what may happen when the drought breaks”. All categories were reported as dearer with increases ranging from 5-20c/kg for lightweight steers to 40-50c/kg for plainer cattle and up to 20c/kg for the best cows. The drop in supply is consistent with numbers from last Friday when less than 200 cattle were knocked down at our store sale in anticipation of the rain. Enjoy the clouds while they last.

 Mon 20th August| Plainest cows double in value

After an extremely ‘difficult” sale last week the market for the plainest cows jumped significantly today with both agents and the MLA quoting prices double what they were last week when light cows took a big hit. Poddy calves (pictured) also made up to $150 in what some agents described as the best result of the sale given the lack of interest in recent weeks.  The best medium and heavy feeder steers were dearer as were the medium yearling heifers.

Mon 13th August| Off the long paddock to top the sale

A run of 240 EU accredited mixed sex weaners out of Werrris Creek, but recently on the long paddock near Caroona, topped the market today at 310c/kg in an otherwise tough market.  The draft comprised 180 Angus calves by Outwest Angus sires and 60 Shorthorn weaners with Bungulla and Futurity bloodlines and was sold by Elders on account Molgo, Werris Creek Station. They were one of the few highlights today with very few finished cattle and agents describing the cow market as “difficult” with prices far below vendor expectations for the light cattle as numbers continue to increase and conditions deteriorate.  

Mon 30th July|Light rain and national accolade for TRLX

Nice shower of rain around Tamworth and surrounding areas yesterday at least freshened things up and saw numbers back from the 3300 expected. The best report was 25mm at Niangala; we hope you managed to get even a little.  The cattle market was very tough with very few gains apart from lightweight yearling heifers that were quoted as firm at best.  There are still big numbers of cows and young cattle and very few finished cattle. For the many people with no option but to sell, news of the TRLX win of the Australian Livestock Markets Association (ALMA) National Award for Animal Welfare in Saleyards is, hopefully, some consolation. While animal welfare is always a priority for us, it’s great to see TRLX recognized for initiatives such as a feeding approach based on high energy rations, especially for lighter cattle, prior to and after sale.

Mon 9th July| Increased demand and dearer trends

Numbers were back above 2000 again today with some good runs of yearling steers 14c/kg to 18c/kg dearer than last week and lightweight vealer steers up to 20c/kg dearer. Continued strong demand for quality yearling feeder heifers saw prices up to 18c/kg dearer, the third rise in as many weeks. Heavyweight cows recorded the best gains of the day in a very competitive market where the top pens made up to 251c/kg, 32c/kg dearer than last week where the pick of the pens only made 219c/kg.  Good to hear that parts of the tablelands received some rain over the last week and that quality cattle are still making decent money.

Mon 2nd July| Heifer job remains strong on whiff of rain – and a prayer.

Although it looks like rain, and feels like rain, it just won’t rain in Tamworth - but some falls on the tablelands have boosted confidence that we may get some desperately needed rain soon. Numbers remained static today with very few well finished cattle and another very strong heifer job, further building on the gains from last week. The MLA reported that feedlotter activity, combined with increased re-stocker activity “boosted by the increased chance of a rain event”, contributed to a ‘mostly dearer” market for young cattle.  Best results were up to 14c/kg for re-stocker heifers and prices up to 16c/kg dearer for feeder heifers.

Mon 25th June| Heifers the highlight in reduced yarding with prices quoted up to 28c/kg dearer on last week.

There was a big drop in numbers today following a few big weeks with heifers the highlight, gaining from 11c/kg for grown heifers, upward trends of 27c/kg for medium feeder heifers and up to 28c/kg for heifer weaners to re-stock.  The MLA also quoted lighter cows up to 26c/kg dearer and weaner steers up 20c/kg on last week, with most other categories firm at best.

Mon 18th June| Dearer trend "through most categories” on back of good competition

A chilly morning in Tamworth with beanies, gloves and scarves very much the order of the day as the winds blew off the dusting of snow on the tops. While numbers were pretty much the same as two weeks ago, the MLA reported “a dearer trend through most categories” with the best gains up to 30c/kg for the pick of the yearling steers and up to 15c/kg for the heifers. The bull market was also very strong with the best bull making over $3000 in a dearer market.

Mon 4th June| Best of the vealer and yearling steers quoted as dearer

Numbers dropped back below 3000 today for the first time in a few weeks with big numbers of cows still being offloaded and the season largely reflected in quality.   The MLA quoted the best vealer steers to feed and re-stock were dearer and medium to heavyweight yearling steers to feed were firm to dearer.

Mon 28th May| Cow market “held up well”

Another yarding over 3000 cattle today at TRLX with big numbers of cows, with the MLA saying, “despite the numbers the cow market held up well.” Although the best cows were up slightly on last week there were plenty of store condition cows that failed to make it over 200c/kg. The only other category with dearer prices was light and medium weight vealer steers. 

Mon 21st May| Best cows up to 20c/kg dearer despite big numbers

Despite accounting for nearly 40% of the total yarding today, the cow market saw some good gains with the MLA quoting the best quality up to 20c/kg dearer than last week. Other categories to show some improvement included: heavy vealer steers to feed and restock; the best of the medium and heavyweight yearling steers; and heavy yearling heifers. There was generally a more optimistic feeling today with some local re-stockers selling their heavier calves and buying lighter ones, determined to stick it out until it rains, and recognizing how difficult it will be to source cattle once the season does eventually improve.

Mon 14th May|Younger cattle regain some lost ground

Although there’s no sign of numbers easing, or a change in the season, the MLA reported a dearer market today for vealer steers and heifers with good competition from both re-stockers and processors. A feature of the sale was 220 Angus cows, de-pastured to Texas Angus bulls to commence calving July, sold by IML on account four-time Virbac Weaner Challlenge winners, Tony and Tania Haling “Hillside Park” Woolbrook.  There was also some value buying in the heifers with producers offloading females usually retained and those prepared to take a gamble snapping up some good quality future breeders.

Mon 7th May| Tough in Tamworth, but another day closer to rain

The market continues to be impacted by another month of little if any rainfall, but agents and vendors are remaining positive knowing that it will rain again and, when it does, those who have held on to their cattle will be rewarded. In the meantime, the Queenslanders have continued to provide some backbone in the store cattle market, making their presence felt at our three feature weaner sales. In the prime cattle today, the MLA quoted all categories as cheaper today, apart from the best cows that were slightly dearer than last week. The best of the steers nudged 300c/kg for Angus yearling steers.

Mon 30th April|Some positive market movement 

There were some positive highlights in the market at TRLX today, despite worsening seasonal conditions, with the MLA reporting a firm to dearer market for some of the better cattle including weaner steers, medium to heavy yearling steers to restock and well finished grown heifers.  It comes as the weaner season draws to an end with our third and final feature weaner sale scheduled for this Friday with the annual Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service Tag a Calf Sale and Peel Valley Machinery Feature Weaner Sale. 

Mon 9th April|Cows up 15c/kg as demand outweighs supply for the best quality

Another huge day at TRLX, capping off a big few sales, including the Virbac Weaner Challenge last Friday. Numbers were over 4000 again with the cow market faring best, despite accounting for nearly one quarter of total numbers, with agents crediting the big number of plainer cows for the price increase for the better quality.

Monday 26th March| Weaner steers dearer in time for massive weaner sales

Numbers were well down today, after two huge weeks, with big numbers of cows on offer. Weaner steers were the best performers, quoted by the MLA up to 15c/kg dearer, thanks to re-stocker and feedlot competition. We hope that demand continues to strengthen in the countdown to our Virbac Weaner Challenge on Friday 6th April after a break next Monday for Easter. Grown heifers in plain condition were also dearer.  

Monday 19th March|TRLX record tumbles

We thought last week was big but that record yarding was smashed today with just over 4100 cattle knocked down at TRLX, the biggest number since the facility opened in June 2013. Big numbers of young cattle and cows contributed to a mainly cheaper market but with quality cattle still made good money.  With no rain in sight, plenty of weaners on the ground, and cooler temperatures (apparently) not too far away, numbers are expected to remain high over coming weeks.  The Westpac Rescue Helicopter also benefited from the generosity of Giri Partnership who donated over $2000 from the sale of an Angus bull through B&S to the Service.

Monday 12th March| Record numbers but market “solid as a rock”

One of the biggest yardings ever at TRLX failed to have a negative impact on the market today with most categories up on last week with the best results for heavy trade heifers, quoted by the MLA up to 12c/kg dearer, and the heavier feeder steers up to 10c/kg dearer. The cow market maintained the gains from last week, despite accounting for almost one quarter of total numbers, with the best quality making 239c/kg for the second week running. G&C also knocked down the last of the Carnegie weaners that have been a feature of the last few sales with other outstanding lines of weaners also on offer.

Mon 5th March| Rain in QLD has “immediate impact”

Recent rain in the local area may have been too patchy to be a game changer but agents say that widespread rain and flooding in QLD has had an ‘immediate impact on prices today’ with “northern processors” pushing up prices by as much as 30c/kg for well finished steers. The cow market was also one of the strongest for some time with prices hitting 239c/kg, up to 26c/kg dearer than last week. A feature of the sale was a run of almost 250 outstanding quality Angus, Santa and Angus x Santa weaners sold by G&C on account JB Carpenter, “Carnegie”, Niangala, including heifers that are usually kept and retained.

Mon 26th Feb 2018|Overnight rain reflected in market with weaner steers up to 30c/kg dearer

Spirits were boosted today with rain overnight, although reports varied from less than 10mm around Tamworth up to 100mm in isolated storms on the Tablelands.  For the second week running there were big numbers of tablelands cattle with some outstanding quality weaners in a market quoted up to 30c/kg dearer with returns up to $1200/head for steer calves straight off their mothers. There were also big numbers of cows for the last sale of summer, with the market quoted as dearer across most categories, except for heifers to feed and re-stock that showed little change.

Mon 19th Feb 2018 - Influx of tablelands cattle see numbers nudge 3000

Big numbers of tablelands cattle today saw numbers get closer to 3000 as the season deteriorates in the New England with Pitt Sons, Walcha accounting for more than one quarter of the total yarding. Weaners, yearlings and cows made up the bulk of the numbers with some outstanding quality weaners on offer from well-known and highly regarded names. Click here for the full report

Mon 12th Feb - Tough in Tamworth as heatwave returns with best results for finished heifers

Numbers continued to rise in Tamworth today as the combined effects of heat and low rainfall continue to hit. The MLA NLRS reported most categories as firm to cheaper with the exception being some well finished heifers that were dearer.  Weaner numbers continue to increase with some good quality on offer. Click here to read more

Mon 5th Feb - Market continues to improve with cows up 20-25c/kg

After weeks below 200c/kg due to the combined effects of supply and the Australian dollar, cows regained lost ground today with the MLA quoting process up to 25c/kg dearer than last week. Although some classes were reported as cheaper across the board, demand and prices were stronger for heavy and medium weight heifers and heavy yearling steers to feed and re-stock with the best pens making over $2000. Click here for the full report

Mon 29th Jan - Weekend rain boosts re-stocker confidence

A relatively cool day in Tamworth today with temperatures continuing to fall as the week proceeds and agents reporting good falls across the district, ranging from less than 20mm to over 100 mm from a storm on Friday night and showers late Sunday afternoon. Although some classes were quoted as cheaper, and the market for better cows continues to fall, increased re-stocker confidence and associated demand saw substantial gains for weaner steers and heifers and light and medium weight yearling steers.

Mon 22nd Jan 2018 -  No respite from heat with market for better quality cattle fairing best.

Another hot week ahead with much of the region expecting temperatures above 40 degrees and quality and demand impacting on the market. Although the MLA reported many categories as cheaper, weaner steers and some of the heavyweight heifers were dearer with the market for the best quality cattle holding up relatively well. Click here for the full report

Mon 15th Jan 2018 - Numbers more than double as hot dry spell continues

Numbers more than doubled as continuing heat and no rain to speak takes its toll with more plus 40 degrees days predicted . PPA and G&C both yarded more than 500 head each with some very good runs of steers and vealer steers from Nundle, Niangala and Dungowan making good money.  Toni King, wife of the late Stephen “Kingy” King who we all know and loved, also sold her first heifers since Kingy passed away with Patrick Purtle praising the good job that she’s done since taking on the management. No doubt Kingy would be proud.  Click here for the full report

Mon 8th Jan 2018 - Good start to 2018 with vealers topping at almost $1200 under heatwave conditions

Good numbers in Tamworth today for the first sale of 2018 after a 3-week break with the first pen knocked down by Angus Newcombe who has become part of the Ray White network and will now trade as Ray White Livestock.  

Great to see some of our regular clients supporting our first sale with familiar names featuring in the highlights today, including beautiful Limousin x vealer calves sold on account Matapouri topping at almost $1200 for the steers and close to $1100 for the heifers. Agent, John Rodd said that they weren't too keen to come down from the "cold country" to the Tamworth heat, with temperatures in the low 30s when he drafted them yesterday and hitting 40 degrees in Tamworth this afternoon. Click here  for the full report