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2018 in review

Mon 26th November| Quality and weight see lambs hit $280 and changes on leader board

Some outstanding quality lambs (pictured ) sold on G&C account Tongue Pastoral topped the sale in Tamworth today at $280, an increase of $60 on last week.  The top price puts them in fourth place for our 2018 prices with Tarakan Pastoral still in top spot with $290 they made on 23rd July; Joe Burr in second place with $290 on 21/8; and Robert Carey in third spot on $282 also on 23rd July. Rod and Namoi Spark, Woolomin bettered their previous best price of $255 on 21st August with their “absolutely outstanding” 65-74kg lambs sold by RWL making $259 and the best of the DCM lambs sold on account Rowarth made $235.   

Mon 24th Sept|

The lambs followed the trend of the cattle today with very few finished lambs on offer. Prices were down after the records of the last few months but with one vendor saying he’s still happy with anything over $200/head given the prices he was receiving last year. No sale next Monday due to the Public Holiday but we’ll be back in action in the sheep and lambs on Monday 8th October. Let’s hope conditions improvement in that time.

Mon 17th Sept| Demand down but market holding up

The lamb market has come off the boil after a few massive weeks that saw new record prices and $300 set as the new benchmark.  Well finished lambs were few and far between and the reduced weight and quality was reflected in generally cheaper trends but with one buyer saying that lambs are still making good money on a c/kg basis. The same buyer quoted the sheep job as $10-$12 dearer. 

Mon 10th Sept| No stopping lamb as 200CLUB becomes 300CLUB

Prices for the best heavy lambs continue to climb as Tamworth lambs hit a new record of $330, up from $312 last week, for thumping big 1st x lambs, estimated at 80kg, off improved pastures sold by ELD on account Neil Dunn, ‘Wirraway” Walcha. They were purchased by Fletcher International. It’s only the second time ever that Tamworth lambs have made over $300, outside of our Spring feature sale, and sets a new benchmark despite whispers that we may have seen prices peak.

The best new season lambs were also $30 dearer than last week with 53-62kg suckers sold by IML on account Pike Family, Werris Creek making $256. Congratulations to all vendors and agents on another fantastic result.

Mon 3rd Sept| New record Tamworth price

There were some great results all round today with a new Tamworth price set with vendor bred, 2nd x, 78-86 kg lambs sold by Pitt Sons on account Gordon Campbell, Hallsville making $312 to eclipse the previous record of $292 set by the Steiger family, Tarakan, Upper Manilla on 23rd July.  The MLA reported dearer trends in all categories.

Mon 3rd Sept|New titleholder and a downpour

On the first Monday of Spring each year we like to think that the late Jason Goodwin is looking down on the outstanding line up of lambs at our annual Spring lamb show and feature sale - and we think he may well have been today as the heavens opened up as Simon Burke announced Robert Carey, “Shannon View” Bective as this year’s winner of the 2018 Jason Goodwin Memorial Shield for his export weight (50+kg) lambs.    Robert took out the title for his “hand-picked” pen of 70-76 kg, Jan and July shorn lambs off barley grain and hay sourced from South Australia.  They were knocked down by agent Simon Burke to RJ Fletcher for $300 with Robert donating $300 to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service.

 Robert credited part of his success to Simon’s advice to “get them big, really big” and said he was elated to be in such esteemed company of the previous title winners. He also thanked the sponsors for their support, particularly the Douglas Family from Abalene Park Poll Dorsets, whose rams sired many of the lambs today.  And after supporting the show since it’s inception 11 years ago, Simon said there was no more deserving winner than Robert. The trade weight (45-49.5kg) category was won by Wheatacres. They made $278 through DCM. The light weight (40-44.5kg) category was won by JA Livingston for their lambs sold through Pitt for $159. Congratulations to everyone who participated and thank you to our sponsors: the Goodwin family, Abelene Park Poll Dorsets, North West Direct Sales and Tamworth regional Livestock Exchange (TRLX).

Mon 6th Aug| Mud and drizabones a sight for sore eyes.

Welcome showers saw agents, buyers and vendors breaking out the raincoats (including a few single use plastic ponchos!) today after gentle rain fell for much of the morning in Tamworth.  Although the market was cheaper, Landmark agent, Simon Rafferty said that Russell Webb will be ‘over the moon” after claiming top price of $250 for his lambs sold today.

Mon 13th Aug| Top lambs still making top dollar as Tamworth hits $284

Thumping big lambs (pictured right) sold by G&C on account Tongue Pastoral topped the sale today at $284 with the MLA quoting ‘well finished lambs in each weight class selling to a dearer trend of $5-$7/head and more in places….”. Trends varied through the sheep although were generally cheaper.

Mon 23rd July| Hat trick - and national record for Tarakan trio

Stuart, Phillip and Mitch Steiger confirmed their place as our premier lamb producers today smashing their own record price for lambs with an outstanding pen of Jan shorn, ten and a half month old lambs off the oats, estimated by buyers at 76kg, sold by Ian Morgan Livestock for $292. We’re claiming it as a national record after Wagga claimed the record at $276.20 on 28th June and Dubbo hit $286.20 earlier today.

It comes just 4 weeks after Tarakan set a Tamworth record price of $253, smashing the record they also set on 6th June last year.  Stuart Steiger was here to see the lambs sold and was extremely pleased with the result but regretting that there’s no more left at home.  Congratulations to the vendors on an outstanding result. And good new travels fast - word had filtered through to Dubbo before our sale had even finished today!

Mon 16th July| Icy start but plenty of heat in the market

Tamworth may have experienced one of the coldest run of mornings for some time but there was plenty of heat in the lamb market with prices continuing to rise in line with record prices in southern NSW and the MLA reporting dearer trends across the board. At least nine vendors made over $200 today, including Stratharlie Pastoral Co whose lambs made $242 through G&C to top the market.

Mon 9th July|Top lambs with top connections

The best of the lambs today sold to $240 for heavy Dorper lambs sold by DCM on account Allerwood Trading although heavy lambs like we’ve seen over the last few weeks were few and far between as supply dwindles. As with the cattle, demand for the best quality was strong and prices were up.

 Six vendors made $200 or above, including Craig Court (pictured left) whose lambs came from none other than Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s property at Aberdeen after Craig bought them from the PM in February. Craig says he also sold some two weeks ago and they made $182, compared to $205 today, so that’s the difference two weeks have made. Unfortunately, we missed getting photos of some of the pens over $200 today. Apologies to those vendors but you still earn your spot in our 200 CLUB. Click here to read the full story

Mon 2nd July|Record intact as lambs hit $236

Last week’s record price of $253 is safe after today’s sale that saw a top price of $236 for lambs averaging 73kg sold by DCM on account Rob and Kylie Lamph. However, prior to last week, the record price was $232 from 5th June last year so, although not a record, $236 is a pretty good result. Five other vendors made $200 or above to add their name to our 200 CLUB. Read on to find out who they are.

Mon 25th June| Silver lining - but no clouds - as record smashed

There may be no clouds around but there is definitely a silver lining with a new record price of $253 for lambs sold by IML on account Stuart Steiger, “Tarakan”, Cobbadah in Tamworth today, smashing the record price of $232 also set by Tarakan on 5th June last year.  Vendor, Stuart Steiger was on hand to see his lambs sold and, although cautiously optimistic and humble, they were plenty of people tipping they’d make a record price. Stuart was thrilled to break their own record “during one of the worst droughts” he’s ever seen, adding “it was pretty hard to get them here because they haven’t had much feed.”  Although he’s sold heavier lambs he said “these were heavy enough trying to drag out to crutch yesterday” and with 500 acres of oats sown, and another 50-60 lambs at home, if he gets any rain he’ll try to hang on to those, ultimately packing as much weight on them as possible.  Congratulations on a magnificent pen of lambs Stuart.

Mon 18th June|Two more make 200CLUB

Lambs sold to $210 in a dearer market, after a two-week break, with two vendors making the 200 CLUB. First pen to hit the top price was beautiful, heavy lambs sold by RWL on account R & N Spark, Woolomin with R & G Webb matching the price with their magnificent lambs sold through LMK. Congratulations to both vendors and agents on a job well done and your second time to make it in the 200 CLUB. Special mention to the Bowler brothers who just missed out on a spot with their magnificent heavy ewes sold through DCM making $199.

Mon 21st May|Mutton prices back after record run

Top price in the lambs today was $190 for lambs sold by CP on account Wendouree.

Mon 14th May|Mutton back on top, again

Until 2 weeks ago, our NLRS/MLA reporter, James Armitage, said he’d only ever seen mutton prices higher than lambs twice before – and both times in Tamworth. It looks like James will have to make that a hat trick for Tamworth with mutton topping the market for the second time in three weeks. Top price in today’s sale was $205 for a pen of heavy hoggets and sheep sold by G&C on account Bernau Station, Loomberah. Click here for the full story

Mon 7th May|Mutton dressed as chocolate a flash in the pan as lambs regain top spot

Last week we reported that mutton topped the market ahead of lambs, just as the ABC ran a story calling mutton the “chocolate of meat” as farmers and researchers believe it could be the next big thing in food. Today, however, the market trends returned to ‘normality” with mutton well down on last week and lambs regaining top spot.  Click here for the full story

Mon 30th April|Prices up by $60 for the “chocolate of meat” as mutton tops market

 This morning ABC Rural aired a story calling mutton the “chocolate of meat” as farmers and researchers believe mutton could be the next big thing in food, thanks to a dry ageing process that brings out complex flavours and makes the meat tender and juicy.  It comes on the back of a 2016 trial funded by the MLA, investigating the demand for dry aged sheep meat, with researchers saying that the complex, rich buttery flavour and strong butter notes made it "incredibly crave-able" and that it “becomes almost like chocolate”.

Mon 9th April|Lamb numbers up following Easter

Numbers were up slightly today after a two week break for Easter with the MLA reporting a good supply of trade weights, and several consignments of heavy and extra heavy, but increased numbers of light lambs. Ewes accounted for most of the mutton knocked down.

Mon 26th March - Market firm at best going into Easter break

 The market was generally cheaper today for the last sale before Easter after a few weeks of very high mutton prices. Good heavyweight lambs sold to $188 for 60+kg lambs (pictured) sold by DCM on account of Rowarth.

Mon 19th March  - New inductees defy the dry

Congratulations to the three vendors who earned a spot in the 200 CLUB today with their lambs making over $200. Multiple members of the 200 CLUB, Tony and Kathy McCulloch, topped the market with heavy lambs sold through DCM making $211 - but it was a first for Darlisa, Somerton who made $202 for their lambs (pictured below left) sold through DCM and Tracey Kane who made $200 for her lambs sold through IML. Congratulations to the three vendors. While the MLA reported varied market trends one buyer commented that sheep and lambs are selling very well for dry conditions.

Mon 12th March

Mon 5th March 

There were limited supplies of well finished lambs today with the MLA NLRS reporting “firm to slightly dearer” market trends for trade and heavyweight lambs and generally firm to dearer prices in the sheep.

Monday 26th Feb - Rain impacts on numbers and contributes to dearer market

The combined effects of overnight rain and limited supply saw the market dearer for all but secondary quality lambs with re-stockers also contributing to increases of $9-$11/head after activity was limited last week. Click here for the full report

Mon 19th Feb - Well finished lambs dearer

Dwindling numbers of well finished heavy and extra heavy lambs saw the market $3-$5 dearer in Tamworth with a top price of $197 for 52-60kg lambs (pictured) sold by LMK on account Russell Webb. Not surprisingly, re-stocker activity was limited. Click here for the full story

Mon 12th Feb - Dorpers top the lambs for 2nd week running

Dorpers topped the sale for the second week running with heavy lambs sold by LMK on account B & J Coleman, Rowena making $201.

Mon 5th February - Best heavy lambs stay above $200

The Bowler family often top the sale at TRLX but today was the first time their lambs have made over $200. But just when they thought they would top the sale with their heavy lambs that made $205 through DCM, they were pipped at the post by a pen of Dorper lambs (pictured), also sold by DCM, on account Howes that made $207. Both vendors earn themselves a spot in our 200 CLUB for 2018. Congratulations.

Mon 29th Jan - Long term loyalty rewarded with “best price ever’ as lambs hit $208

Congratulations to Tom Small, “Woodstock” Werris Creek who topped the sale and earnt the first place in our 200 CLUB for 2018 with his lambs (pictured) that made $208 through PPA. Tom says that he has been selling in Tamworth for more than 20 years after the demise of the Narrabri and Gunnedah sheep sales and can remember when his lambs were only making $20. Robert Carey also earnt another spot in the 200 CLUB in a market reported by the MLA as firm to dearer with some good store lamb prices. Click here for the full report.

Mon 22nd Jan - Quality, condition and market reflects differences from tablelands to slopes and plains.

The MLA reported varying quality and condition today, in line with ‘vastly different seasonal conditions being experienced throughout the drawing area” with trade, heavy weight, shorn and older lambs all “firm to slightly dearer”. Click here for the full report.

Mon 15th Jan 2018 

Top price in the lambs today went to the first pen of the day  sold by DCM; the best of the shorn lambs made $170 for John MacQueen, Loomberah selling through G&C; and the best of the suckers made $168 for Dennis Wall selling through Pitt. Click here for the full report

Mon 8th Jan 2018 - Big numbers for first sale of 2018

There were plenty of sheep and lambs on offer in Tamworth today for the first sale of 2018, with prices similar to before Christmas and intense heat. Click here for the full report