Off the Rails - Prime Cattle market highlight

The TLSAA produce a weekly market highlight, updated after each sale. You can read the latest report below and then click on the file at the bottom for a printable (PDF) version.

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Note: Photos in the written report may differ from those on the website . All other information is the same.

Monday 15th April prime cattle.pdf Monday 15th April prime cattle.pdf
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Type : pdf

Agent codes used for report:

B&S (Burke & Smyth, Tamworth)

CP (Chris Paterson Livestock, Tamworth)

D&C (Davidson Cameron, Tamworth)

ELD (Elders, Tamworth)

G&C (Garvin & Cousens, Tamworth)

IML (Ian Morgan Livestock, Quirindi)

LMK (Landmark, Tamworth)

Pitt (Pitt Sons, Walcha) 

PPA (Purtle Plevey Agencies, Manilla)

RWL (Ray White Livestock, Tamworth)

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National Livestock Reporting Service (NLRS)

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) provides market information as part of their National Livestock Reporting Service. Click here for the latest report .

You can also hear the Tamworthreport on the Country Hour on ABC Radio every Monday or Rural Report on ABC New England North West on Tuesday morning.

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Top prices for 2019

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