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Monday 18th June, 2018

Total yarding = 2500(2500)  

Note: Figures in brackets are numbers/prices from our last sale

“Dearer trend through most categories” in Tamworth on back of good competition

A chilly morning in Tamworth with beanies, gloves and scarves very much the order of the day as the winds blew off the dusting of snow on the tops. While numbers were pretty much the same as two weeks ago, the MLA reported “a dearer trend through most categories” with the best gains up to 30c/kg for the pick of the yearling steers and up to 15c/kg for the heifers. The bull market was also very strong with the best bull making over $3000 in a dearer market.


  • Vealer steers sold to 280c/kg (278c/kg), yearlings to 313c/kg (291c/kg) and grown steers to 228c/kg (270c/kg). Highlights included:
    Charolais steers sold by Pitt on account Weroona made 293c/kg and averaged 368kg/$1080;
  • Angus steers sold by PPA on account Trevor Birley made 313c/kg and averaged 350kg/$1098;
  • Angus steers off the pellets (above left) sold by RWL on account Phil Penman made305c/kg and averaged369kg/$1125;
  • Angus steers sold by RWL on account AC & MH Elliott made 289c/kg and averaged 418kg/$1209;
  • Yearling steers sold by IML on account Groveleigh made 304c/kg and averaged 400kg/$1216 with Murray Grey steers from the same vendors making 293c/kg and averaging 387kg/$1135;
  • Angus steers sold by Pitt on account PC & PJ Dutton made 299c/kg and averaged 417kg/$1246;
  • Yearling steers sold by IML on account Blanch made 257c/kg and averaged 531kg/$1365; and
  • Magic yard of Angus x (pictured above right) steers sold by PPA on account Banks made 269c/kg and averaged 674kg/$1815.


Vealer heifers sold to 242c/kg (243c/kg), yearlings to 280c/kg (259c/kg) and grown heifers to 235c/kg (220c/kg). Highlights included:

  • Booroomooka blood Angus heifers sold by PPA on account Trevor Birley made 259c/kg and averaged 329kg/$854;
  • Angus heifers sold by IML on account SR & JA Felton made263c/kg and averaged 345kg/$908;
  • Angus heifers sold by LMK on account RS & T Turnbull made 202c/kg and averaged 491kg/$992
  • Angus heifers sold by IML on account Groveleigh made 255c/kg and averaged 392kg/$1000 with their Murray Grey heifers making 250c/kg and averaging 394kg/$985; and
  • Yearling heifers sold by G&C on account Spring Park Station made 250c/kg and averaged 315kg/$1143; and
  • Hereford heifers sold by Pitt on account KR & SM Green made 253c/kg and averaged 536kg/$1357.


Cows topped at 215c/kg (212c/kg) for Limo x cows sold by IML on account Jennifer Burrell. They came back at 679kg/$1462. Other good results included:

  • Angus cows sold by RWL on account RG & E Bomford, Barraba made 206c/kg and averaged 704kg/$1452; and;
  • Shorthorn cows sold by IML on account RW & NL Evans made 195c/kg and averaged 741kg/$1445.


Bulls topped at 239c/kg (215c/kg) for 600+ kg bulls with a top price of $3196 for a bull sold by Pitt on account Yalgoo.

Note: Photos in the written report may differ from those in the website report. All other information is the same.

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