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Off the Rails - Prime Cattle market highlight

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Monday 11th December, 2017

Total yarding = 2083(1643)  

Note: Figures in brackets are last week’s numbers/prices

Lightweight weaners hit 464c/kg as dry conditions see forced sales

Some very well-bred vealer calves straight off their mothers were a highlight again today with renowned cattle from the Upper Hunter making 464c/kg and some very good Limousin x vealers, off heifer mothers with only 6 - 7 weeks good feed, also selling very well for the second week running.  Rachel Tongue (pictured above) was also up early with Sarah (6), Lara (4) and Riley (0) keen to see their cattle sold. At the end of the year, when everyone is feeling a bit tired and needing some R&R, we wish we could bottle Sarah and Lara’s enthusiasm! Thankfully there’s only one more Monday sale to go before we break for Christmas.


Vealer steers sold to (330c/kg), yearlings to (332c/kg) and grown steers to (308c/kg). Highlights included:

  • Impeccably bred, Angus vealer steers (pictured 2nd from top) off their mothers last night, sold by G&C on account Landbound Pty Ltd, Timor Station made 464c/kg with the heaviest pen coming back at 184kg/$856;
  • Angus x steers sold by Pitt on account P & L Lockyer made 338c/kg and averaged 334kg/$1128;
  • Hereford steers, this year’s weaners, sold by B&S on account Rothbury Pastoral Co topped at 300c/kg with the heaviest calves making 291c/kg and averaging 429kg/$1250 and Angus steers from the same vendor topping at 307c/kg and coming back at 390kg/$1193;
  • Limousin x vealer steers sold by IML on account Matapouri Pastoral Co topped at 325c/kg and averaged 322c/kg for an average return of $1264/head, up from the top price of $1197 last week;
  • Angus steers sold by PPA on account DB & EA Ross made 303c/kg and averaged 436kg/$1323;
  • Angus yearling steers sold by IML made 295c/kg and averaged 516kg/$1523;
  • Hereford x steers sold by PPA made 274c/kg and averaged 592kg/$1623;
  • Angus x steers off the feedlot (pictured top left) sold by G&C on account Tongue Pastoral made 271c/kg and averaged 618kg/$1675; and
  • Charolais steers sold by LMK on account Walcha Rugby Club made 279c/kg and averaged 675kg/$1884. 


Vealer heifers sold to 360c/kg (327c/kg), yearlings to 317c/kg(310c/kg) for a top price of $1400 and grown heifers to 283c/kg (260c/kg) for a top price of $1570. Highlights included:

  • Angus heifers (pictured bottom left) sold by B&S on account Rothbury Pastoral Co made 295c/kg and averaged 348kg/$1027;
  • Santa x heifers sold by PPA on account Ray Redgrove made 318c/kg and averaged 387kg/$1160;
  • Limousin x vealer heifers sold by IML on account Matapouri Pastoral Co sold to 328c/kg and averaged 321c/kg and averaged 354kg for a top price of $1162, and average of $1138; and
  • Murray Grey yearling heifers sold by IML on account Groveleigh made 252c/kg and averaged 555kg/$1340.


Cows topped at 217c/kg (224c/kg). The best cows made just over $1500.   


Bulls topped at 236c/kg (278c/kg) for bulls under 450kg with bulls 450-600 kg topping at 263c/kg (264c/kg) with top price of $2895 for a 1130kg bull sold by Pitt.

Note: Photos in the written report may differ from those in the website report. All other information is the same.

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