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Monday 17th September, 2018

Total yarding: 1541 (1186) 

Note: Figures in brackets are numbers/prices from our last sale

Well finished steers, heifers and cows rewarded in a variable market

Numbers continued to climb in Tamworth today with well finished cattle off crop or grain gaining up to 10c/kg for the steers, 8-10c/kg for the heifers and more than 6c/kg for the best cows. Massive Friesian x cows topped the cow market, making over $2000, while other categories were quoted as firm at best with some re-stocker activity on the lighter cattle.


Vealer steers sold to 270c/kg (262c/kg) , yearlings to 299c/kg (299c/kg) and grown steers to 288c/kg (292c/kg). Highlights included:  

  • Angus and Angus x steers sold by Pitt on account Oakburn Pastoral Co sold to 274c/kg and averaged 319kg/$874;
  • Shorthorn steers (pictured above middle in back pen) sold by PPA on account Carlowrie Pastoral Co made 296c/kg and averaged 318kg/$942;
  • Charolais steers sold by CP on account RJ Laurie made 295c/kg and averaged 346kg/$1020 with the Hereford steers making 290c/kg and averaging 336kg/$973;
  • Hereford steers sold by IML on account Llanillo Ag Co made 297c/kg and averaged 344kg/$1022;
  • Murray Grey steers sold by IML on account Groveleigh made 295c/kg and averaged 379kg/$1117;
  • Vendor bred milk tooth steers (pictured top left) sold by G&C on account B & M Davidson made 295c/kg and averaged 384kg/$1134;
  • Santa steers (pictured above right) sold by PPA on account Watasanta made 292c/kg and averaged 402kg/$1173;
  • Hereford steers sold by Pitt on account D & P Wall made 282c/kg and averaged 477kg/$1345; and
  • Angus x steers sold by B&S on account Helen Osbourne made 264c/kg and averaged 563kg/$1488.


Vealer heifers sold to 220c/kg (263c/kg), yearlings to 280c/kg (285c/kg) and grown heifers to 284c/kg (276c/kg). Highlights included:

  • Angus and Angus x heifers sold by Pitt on account Oakburn Pastoral Co made 265c/kg and averaged 315kg/$853;
  • Charolais heifers sold by CP on account RJ Laurie made 280c/kg and averaged 321kg/$900;
  • Angus heifers (pictured bottom left) sold by ELD on account Berwicks made 270c/kg and averaged 517kg/$1395; and
  • Heifers sold by G&C on account Webeck made 284c/kg and averaged 512kg/$1456.


Cows topped at 258c/kg (250c/kg) for Angus cows sold by RWL on accoutn R & G Bomford, Barraba. They came back at 567kg/$1464. Top $/head in the cows was $2055 for Friesian x cows sold by G&C on account Klasen. Other good results included: 

  • Hereford x cows sold by ELD on account Chaffey made 256c/kg and averaged 675kg/$1729; and
  • Hereford cows sold by IML on account Kimberley Grange made 249c/kg and averaged 589kg/$1468.


Bulls topped at 261c/kg (236c/kg) with a top price of $2606 for a bull sold by IML.

Note: Photos in the written report may differ from those in the website report. All other information is the same.

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