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Monday 19th February, 2018

Total yarding = 2870(2545)  

Note: Figures in brackets are numbers/prices from our last sale

Influx of tabelands cattle see numbers nudge 3000

Big numbers of tablelands cattle today saw numbers get closer to 3000 as the season deteriorates in the New England with Pitt Sons, Walcha accounting for more than one quarter of the total yarding. Weaners, yearlings and cows made up the bulk of the numbers with some outstanding quality weaners on offer from well-known and highly regarded names.


Vealer steers sold to 352c/kg (362c/kg), yearlings to 309c/kg (311c/kg) and grown steers to 279c/kg (285c/kg). Highlights included:

  • Hereford steers sold by PPA on account CK & JM Smith made 294c/kg and averaged 283kg/$834;
  • Weaner steers sold by G&C on account Bretandra made 327c/kg and averaged 298kg/$975;
  • Angus steers sold by Pitt on account Oakey Ridge made 286c/kg and averaged 346kg/$991;
  • Limousin x vealer steers (pictured  top left) sold by IML on account Matapouri Pastoral Co, North Enfield, Walcha topped at 336c/kg and averaged 313c/kg and 360kg for an averaged return of $1126;
  • 4 and 6 tooth Charolais steers sold by Pitt on account DG & VC Rohde made 276c/kg and averaged 476kg/$1314;
  • Hereford steers sold by IML on account Benoni Pastoral made 265c/kg and averaged 505kg/$1339;
  • 4 and 6 tooth Hereford x and Angus bullocks sold by CP on account Pl & SU Pickles made 245c/kg and averaged 638kg/$1563 for the crossbreds and 619kg/$1517 for the Angus; and
  • Steers sold by G&C on account Ponto made 268c/kg and averaged 610kg/$1636.


Vealer heifers sold to 279c/kg (292c/kg), yearlings to 269c/kg 240c/kg (278c/kg) and grown heifers to (258c/kg). Highlights included:

  • Watasanta blood, Santa x Angus heifer weaners, 7-9 months, sold by G&C on account JB Carpenter, ‘Carnegie” Niangala topped at 275c/kg and averaged 294kg/$807;
  • Angus x milk tooth heifers sold by Pitt on account DH & AC Lisle made 263c/kg and averaged 377kg/$991;
  • Charolais x heifers sold by Pitt on account DJ & JA Moore made 252c/kg and averaged 452kg/$1141;
  • Charolais heifers sold by Pitt on account J & A Sutherland made 257c/kg and averaged 466kg/$1165;
  • Hereford yearling heifers sold by IML made 265c/kg and averaged 505kg/$1339; and
  • Hereford heifers sold by DCM made 235c/kg and averaged 644kg/$1513.


Cows topped at 211c/kg (209c/kg) for Limousin x cows (pictured above middle) sold by IML on account Matapouri Pastoral. They came back at 647kg and $1366. Other good sales included:

  • Angus cows sold by LMK on account Dempsey Pastoral made 206c/kg and averaged 675kg/$1364; and
  • Angus cows (pictured bottom left) sold by Pitt on account Top Waterloo made 210c/kg and averaged 712kg/$1450.


Bulls topped at 240c/kg (260c/kg) for 600+ kg bulls with a top price of $2952 for a thumping big 1305kg Angus bull sold by Pitt on account Kambala Partnership.

Note: Photos in the written report may differ from those in the website report. All other information is the same.

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