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Monday 17th September 2018

3200 (2950) head = 1700 (1950) lambs + 1500(1000) sheep

 NB. Numbers/prices in brackets are figures from our last sale

Demand both down but market holding up well

The lamb market has come off the boil after a few massive weeks that saw new record prices and $300 set as the new benchmark.  Well finished lambs were few and far between and the reduced weight and quality was reflected in generally cheaper trends but with one buyer saying that lambs are still making good money on a c/kg basis. The same buyer quoted the sheep job as $10-$12 dearer.  

Top price today was $245 for lambs sold by DCM on account Devenish. The best of the young lambs (pictured) made $225 for 52-62kg suckers off the rye grass sold by RWL on account Spark, Woolomin.

 Other good results in the lambs today included: lambs sold by DCM on account John MacQueen made $230; best of the LMK lambs made $218; an outstanding draft of the Pike family lambs from Werris Creek sold by IML made $206; and trade weight lambs sold by G&C made $187.

Lamb wrap

Young lambs sold to $225 ($256 last sale); older lambs sold to $245 ($330 last sale); hoggets sold to $155 ($144 last sale); the best of the Dorper lambs made $190 ($170 last week); and the best of the Merino lambs made $170.


Ewes sold to $177 ($170 last sale) for Dorper ewes sold by DCM; 1st x wethers sold to $163 ($164 last sale); and rams sold to $120 ($70 last sale).

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