Pens 2018

2018 was the year that the 200CLUB became the 300CLUB with three vendors making $300 or more for their lambs sold through TRLX. The only lambs to make $300 prior to that were sold at the Spring Lamb Show and Feature Sale.

Congratulations to Neil Dunne, Walcha who took out the number 1 position in our TOP TEN PENS for 2018 with these lambs sold through Elders.
For a few days in July TRLX held the Australian lamb price record for a pen of lambs sold by Ian Morgan Livestock on account Tarakan Pastoral, Upper Bingara. Those lambs made $292.
Congratulations to the vendors who made our first ever "Top Ten Pens" of lambs sold through TRLX. 

We'll update this annually after the last sale for the year.

We are also working on uploading photos of each of the pens so make sure you check back at the end of February 2019.